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Moose, Goose, & Finley's Caboose:

Savannah Treasure

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New Children's Book Series

By author CJ Kortes and illustrator Michael Axt


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About the Book

This is the premiere book in a new children's book series by author CJ Kortes and illustrator Michael Axt. Moose, Goose, & Finley are best friends from Savannah, Georgia. They find a treasure map and now think they're pirates looking for gold. They start in the haunted city of Savannah and go through obstacles to solve the treasure map. They work together, they solve clues, and they learn how to face their fears. Follow them on their first adventure!


About the Author

CJ Kortes is a writer, director, producer, and musician. He owns Split Remedy Media and self-published his first children's book series. He loves to educate and entertain through art. CJ lives in Hoboken, NJ with his wife Bella.

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About the Illustrator

Michael Axt is a digital illustrator best known for his product label illustrations. He lives in Williamsburg, MA with his wife, 2 daughters, 2 dogs, and 7 chickens.

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